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MS Freedom Of The Seas & Plaques & Keys Ceremony Photos
Royal Caribbean International's - Newest Vessel

First Arrival at Port Montego Bay Cruise Terminal -
Thursday, June 8, 2006, Page # 6

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Total: 1,815 • Ocean Views: 1,084 (844 with balconies) • Interior: 732 (168 Promenade View)
Interior, no windows: 558 • Wheelchair accessible staterooms: 32
All staterooms convert to queen size bed configuration and have private bath, vanity area, closed-cicuit,flat-panel television and phone, electric mini-bar, hair dryers and individually controlled air-conditionning;
Bedding program has been updated fleetwide, with new bed frames, mattresses, sheets, pillows and duvets

Other Amenities
ShipShape Fitness Center and Freedom Day Spa • Royal Promenade Boutiques • Airt & Photo Gallery
• Three Pools • Six Whirlpools • Pool Bar • Adventure Ocean • Medical Center • FlowRider®
• surf simulator • Rock-climbing Wall • Sports Court • Mome-hole Miniature Golf Course
• Jogging Path • Karaoke Room • Video Game Room • Ice Skating Rink
• Ben & Jerry's® ice cream scoop shop

***[MS Freedom Of The Seas information "quoted" from Royal Caribbean International's Press Releases]
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