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Bloody Bay - Treasure Girl II & Bloody Bay Bar
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Bloody Bay is the most northerly bay located at the end of Negril's seven-mile long beach. Bloody Bay gets its name not for the pirates who frequented the area, but for the whalers who butchered their prey in the waters which caused them to turn blood red.

History tells us that Jack Rackham "Calico Jack" and his bloodthirsty pirates including two women, Anne Bonney and Mary Read often frequented the area until their capture by the British in 1720.

Currently Bloody Bay is a favorite spot for the locals and has a Bloody Bay Bar where you can indulge in refreshments and a local favorite, lobster.

For those wishing to go out on a Glass Bottom Boat, the Treasure Girl II is based out of Bloody Bay.

Transportation to Bloody Bay was provided by "Sammy's Jamaican Tours".

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