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Inaugural Flight - American Airlines - Two New International Routes - Service Between Montego Bay, Jamaica & Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
Gate 12 - Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica W.I. - February 2006

Inauguarl Flight - American Airlines is please to welcome you aboard as we chart a new couse in international travel. Service between Montego Bay, Jamaica and Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas.

American will operate the Montego Bay service with its 142-seat Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The flight will operate Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The new service is in addition to American's four other daily flights to Montego Bay from Miami and New York.

From Dallas/Forth Worth to Montego Bay, Jamaica

Flight Departs Arrives
1232 10:45 am 3:31 pm

From Montego Bay, Jamaica to Dallas/Forth Worth

Flight Departs Arrives
1233 4:36 pm 7:36 pm

Montego Bay is known for its great shopping, extraordinary food, pristine beaches and fascinating nightlife. The bay is stunning in its natural beauty, surrounded by beautiful mountains.

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