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Welcome to the Negril Travel Guide

"Your Internet Resource Guide to Negril Jamaica"

The Negril Travel Guide, first published to the Web in 2001 is designed to serve as an Internet Resource Guide for Negril Jamaica and the surrounding area. We are continually gathering information on businesses and organizations related to Jamaican Hospitality – Tourism industry, concerts, and current events. Our goal is to provide up-to-date accurate information to help anyone contemplating a visit to the Negril and surrounding area of Jamaica enabling them to plan ahead and make ultimate use of their valuable time.

The Negril Travel Guide contains information about Negril Area's Hospitality - Tourism related businesses and organizations ready and waiting to provide you with friendly Jamaican hospitality and services. Informational topics and links include: Where To Stay, Restaurants, Shopping, Services, Recreation, Arts and Heritage, Calendar Of Events, Night Life, Travel Information, Photo Gallery, Jamaican Attractions, Jamaican Happenings and Events, Jamaican Music Industry Directory, the Negril Community, the Jamaican Business Directory, and many other Jamaican Links. 

The Negril Travel Guide currently publishes over two hundred-fifty thousand photos of Jamaican concerts, special events, and professional photography depicting the hospitality - tourism aspects of Negril and Jamaica. We hope you will take the time to visit our Photo Gallery Web Page and look through these photographs portraying the positive vibes and beauty of Negril, the island of Jamaican, its people, music, and culture.

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To showcase Negril Jamaica, I have published three YouTube.com videos of drives recently taken around the Negril area. The first video is of “A Drive Down Norman Manley Boulevard”. The second video is of “A Drive Out Nonpareil Road to the Negril Country Club”. The third video is of of “A Drive Through Negril Center and along West End Road”. All three YouTube.com videos are embedded below.

The background music on all three videos is from an afternoon at Drifters Bar and Entertainment Venue at One Mile, Fisherman’s Beach in Negril. Drifters Bar, is a fantastic place to spend the afternoon enjoying Jamaican vibes, talented local and guest artists, dancing to the vibes, and great food and beverages served by a friendly staff. Here is a link to the Drifters Bar Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DriftersBarNegril

Explore Do Business Jamaica - Virtual Investment Conference - November 17 - 18, 2021

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No Horses on the Beach

No Horses On The Beach in Negril

We STRONGLY recommend that you refrain from paying for horseback riding on the beach in Negril.

  • It's ILLEGAL as:
  • They are not licensed
  • They are not insured
  • People have been hurt
  • The horses leaves a MESS on our beach and makes the property VERY unpleasant...!

If you would like a pleasurable horseback riding experience, please check with your Resorts/Hotels Front Desk, or Tour Desk for a Jamaica Tourist Board Licensed entity.

SAVE The Spiny Lobsters

SAVE The Spiny Lobsters

Lobster Closed Season: April 1 – June 30 each year - It is against the law to catch, buy or sell lobsters during the Lobster Close Season.

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Jamaica Tourism News

New Jamaica Ganja Law Reform Fact Sheet
Effective April 15, 2015 - You cannot be arrested if the police find you with 2 ounces or less of Ganja. However, it becomes a ticketable offense.
See Jamaica Ganja Law Reform Fact Sheet linked here.

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