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Negril Chamber of Commerce
20th Anniversary Celebration & Awards Presentation
Saturday, April 12, 2003

The Negril Chamber of Commerce welcomes you
to its
Celebration of 20 Year of Operation

1983 - 2003

On Saturday, April 12, 2003

Under our Theme
"A Community in Action"

  • Hosted at: Negril Hill Golf Course
  • Entertainment by: The Enchanted Duo [Sponsored by Choices Restaurant]
  • Dancing To: The Bare Essentials [Co-Sponsored by Red Stripe, Hosted by the Negril Tree House]
  • Lighting by: Coco-La-Palm


Cocktails: 6:30 - 7:30

Negril All Age School


Opening Remarks: Ms. Grace Lee, 1st Vice President, NCC

Welcome: Mr. Kenric Davis, President, NCC
Apologies for Absence: Ms. Grace Lee, 1st Vice President, NCC
Prayer: Mr. Ray Arthurs, Founding Member and Director

Dinner International Buffet

(Music by
The Enchanted Duo)

Introduction of Guest Speaker:
Miss Carolyn Wright, Director - Chairman JHTA (Negril Chapter)
Guests Speaker Address: Mr. Dennis Morrison, Chairman JTB
Presentation of Awards: Mrs. Sylvie Grizzle, Mr. Nehru Caolsingh, Founding Members & Director
Vote of Thanks: Mr. Cliff Reynolds, Past President & Director
Closing Remarks: Ms. Grace Lee, 1st Vice President
Dancing to the Music of the Bare Essentials

Contribution Compliments to Sponsors
Jamaican Conch Soup Mr. Cosmo and Lannon Brown Cosmo's Restaurant

Contribution Compliments to Sponsors
Assorted Salads Mr. Ralph Williams Kuyaba Restaurant

Contribution Compliments to Sponsors
Texmex Mr. Clifton Reader Beaches Negril
Asian Mr. Dave Parker Sandals Negril
Jamaican Mr. Wayne Cummings Negril Gardens
Middle Eastern Mr. Stephen Stath & Mr. Kevin Brown Couples Negril
Japanese   Hedonism II
Italian Mr. Norman Kerr Negril Cabins
Spanish Mr. Ernest Lopez RIU (Tropical Bay)

French Wines
Contribution Compliments to Sponsors
Red: Vin de Pay de L'Herault
White: Vin de Bourgogne
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Grizzle & Ms. Charmaine Bowen Charela Inn

Contribution Compliments to Sponsors
Assorted Deserts Mr. Roland Campbell Coco-La-Palm
Assorted Deserts Mrs. Gail Jackson Negril Tree House
Assorted Deserts   Sweet Mango Restaurant

Awards Recipients
Organizations/Individuals Recipients
United States Agency For International Development (USAID) Mrs. Karen McDonald-Gayle
Environmental Foundation of Jamaica (EFJ) Miss Selina Tapper
Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)/Caribbean Regional HRD Program for Economic Competitiveness (CPEC) Mrs. Paulette Mitchell, Project Coordinator
HEART Trust/NTA Mr. Robert Gregory, Executive Director
German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ)
Embassy of Japan Miwa Ito Attache
Jamaica Tourist Board Mr. Dennis Morrison, Chairman
Sandals Resort
Mr. William Cargile III Mr. William Cargile III

Shrimp Coconut
Indian Assortments
Assorted Hor d'oeuvres
Jerk Pork
Jerk Chicken
Conch Soup
Assorted Salads
Middle Eastern
Assorted Deserts
French Wines

Vin de Pay de L'Herault
Vin de Bourgogne

Hotels and Restaurants Sponsoring the Cocktails
"Hors D'ouvres" and the Buffet Dinners
"Hors D'ouvres"

Contribution Compliments to Sponsors
Shrimp Coconut Norma Shirley & Leonie Cranston Seasplash
Indian Assortments Mrs. Angella Williams and Mrs. Audrey Foote Foote Prints
Assorted Mrs. Greer-Ann Saulter The Caves
Jerk Pork/Jerk Chicken Ms. Anita Fletcher Peppapot Negril Jerk Centre
Assorted Hors d'oeuvres Mr. David Prebble & Winston Blair X-Tabi Café
Assorted Hors d'oeuvres T. Quinn Ricks Cafe
Assorted Hors d'oeuvres Mr. Norman Thompson Norms Gourmet Restaurant

Award Recipients
Twenty Years
Mr. Nehru Caolsingh
Mr. Daniel Grizzle
Mr. Ray Arthurs
Mrs. Sylvie Grizzle
Outstanding Service Award
Dr. Scott McCormick
Mrs. Jean Jackson
Mr. Cliff Reynolds

Special Recognition - Honorary Members

Mr. Near Goldberg
Mr. Ken Neita
Ms. Charmaine Bowen

Platinum Sponsorship:
Red Stripe
Gold Sponsorships:
Caribbean Broilers
National Commercial Bank
Silver Sponsorships:
Bank of Nova Scotia
Grace Kennedy
Minott Services
Bronze Sponsorships:
Billy Craig Insurance
Blue Cross Jamaica
Cable & Wireless
Daniel Finzi & Company
Dehring, Bunting & Golding
Deloitte & Touche - Auditors
Fraser Fontaine & Kong
Guardsman Limited
J. Wray& Nephew
Sigma Unit Trust
Speedy Prints
Sun Island
Sunsplash Tours
Time Square Plaza


The Negril Chamber of Commerce places on record its most sincere thanks for the enthusiasm, advice, and assistance received from all the hotels and restaurants in organizing this celebration of our 20th Anniversary. A very special thank you to all the chefs and their teams. It has been a real pleasure working with you all.

We extend our sincere appreciation to our financial sponsors, whom we want to thank for their help towards this function and allowing us to pursue some of our goals. They have shown that they are truly our partners.

Founding Members

Mr. Ray Arthurs Mr. Daniel Grizzle
Ms. Dorothy Brown Mrs. Sylvie Grizzle
Mr. Nehru Caolsingh Mr. Richard Murray
Mr. Manley Wallace

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You can visit the Negril Chamber of Commerce Web Site at:
(876) 957-4067
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