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On Sunday October 14, Longing For to be held at Trelawny Multi Purpose Stadium will offer 3 VIP areas:

" VIP - JA$4000 / US$60 (Presale Only*)
Located at the North Stand
Local Bar

" VVIP - JA$6000 / US$90 (Presale Only*)
Located on the Green Party Mound (Adjacent to South Stand)
Private Party
Local Bar
Finger foods

" VVVIP - JA$10,000 / US$150 (Presale Only*)
Located in the Sky Boxes at the South Stand
Premium Bar
Gloved Service Meal
Backstage Access

*Interested patron can purchase the their VIP tickets at

1-888-JAH CURE

[Curefest 2007 Information is published from Press Kit - Press Releases]

Official "Longing For Concert" Website:
1-888-JAH CURE

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